Commemorative Coins


Commemorative coins are one of the most sought after and collected, due to their significance in history and the personal memories they can hold. Whether it is to commemorate a first, or to celebrate the anniversary of an event in history; either way adding a commemorative coin to your collection is one that you couldn’t go wrong with.

We’re going to take a look at some of the commemorative ranges and sovereigns we have available, looking back at the history behind the event and the significance it holds.

The 2020 VE Day 75th Anniversary Sovereign Range

This year marked the 75th Anniversary of VE Day; the day peace was brought upon Britain after six long years of conflict during the Second World War. On 8th May 1945, Winston Churchill declared that war was over within Europe, and many marked this occasion with street parties and singing.

To commemorate VE Day, we introduced the 2020 VE Day 75th Anniversary Sovereign Range. This is the world’s first sovereign range to have a ‘white’ rhodium-platinum finish, to symbolise the peace brought to the country by VE Day. The range features images depicting Churchill’s radio broadcast, revellers in the fountains of Trafalgar Square, and the Royal family stood on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

The VE Day range has been given a ‘sell-out guarantee’, with some coins already selling out. There are still other denominations in the range available, but they are selling fast too. Don’t miss out on these world-first sovereigns, call 0333 234 3103 for more details.


The King George III 200th Anniversary Heritage Gold Sovereign

King George III is Britain’s longest reigning king, after more than 59 years on the throne before his death in 1820. To mark the 200th anniversary, a gold sovereign was minted; the first of it’s kind to include authentic Georgian gold from the reign of George III.

The design features one of the most important gold coins of his reign, the guinea, which is why the beauty of the guinea and the significance of the sovereign have been brought together to commemorate our longest reining king.

This is a great opportunity to obtain the first ‘heritage mixture’ gold sovereign, featuring the ‘military’ guinea that was only ever struck once in 1813, and was the last gold guinea ever struck.


The 2019 Concorde 50th Anniversary Gold Prestige Sovereign Proof Set

To celebrate and commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Concorde’s first flight, this gold sovereign set was minted. The Concorde took to the skies 50 years ago, capable of travelling at twice the speed of sound. Her final flight came in 2003, which marked a sad end to an aviation era.

Just like the world-first aircraft it depicts, this is the first set of sovereign coins ever to be reverse-frosted, creating an exceptional contrast between the shine of the aircraft and the frosted background. Once aligned, all three coins form the complete side image of the Concorde.

This set includes the quarter, half and full sovereign each struck in the highest proof quality. All have very low mintages, but the half sovereign in particular is limited to 1,969.


The 2019 Heroes of Gold Beach Gold Quarter Sovereign

Seventy-five years ago, allied forces in World War Two launched the largest attack in history by land, air and sea. The mission was to capture the beaches of Normandy, to allow Europe to be liberated from German occupation.

To mark the 75th Anniversary of what has become know to history as ‘D-Day’, an innovative gold quarter sovereign was minted. It is the first ever to be produced with a contoured edge, matching the shape of Gold Beach where British troops led the attack.

Also, to reflect the cooperation of British, US and Canadian troops on D-Day, these coins feature their face value in both sovereigns and dollars. The mintage is also very low, limited to just 4,999 coins.


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