Decimalisation – Mixing Old and New

Decimalisation One-Eighth Sovereign

This year marks the 50th anniversary of decimalisation in Britain, heralding in a new era of coins, and saying goodbye to over a thousand years of iconic designs. In our latest sovereign range, the talented artist Matt Dent has captured the old and the new beautifully. In tribute a tribute to Britain’s decimal fifty pence, these are the world’s first seven-sided sovereigns!

Each sovereign is split down the middle with a pre-decimal design on the left, and the design of a decimal coin complementing it on the right. Here, we take a look at the designs for each coin from the new 2021 50th Anniversary of Decimalisation Gold Sovereign Range.

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Kensington Palace – Five Facts

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace has been a home to royalty for over 300 years, and it is situated in the smallest borough in London. It has been in the news recently due to the unveiling of the statue of Diana, Princess of Wales, in the Sunken Garden, to mark what would have been her 60th birthday. But how much do you know about this royal residence. Here are five facts you may not know.

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Queen Elizabeth II Through The Decades – The Nineties

Nelson Mandela Statue

As much as there had been celebrations to enjoy, for Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in the 1980’s, with lavish weddings and new additions to the family, the 1990’s was to prove, personally, her most challenging yet. The decade would bring break-ups and divorces, along with a devastating fire and a tragic death. However, she would also find a great friend in the unlikeliest of circumstances. We begin, with a trip to South Africa.

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Queen Elizabeth II Through The Decades – The Eighties

The White House

The 1980’s began with a historic meeting of the head of the Church of England and the head of the Roman Catholic Church. It would bring two Royal weddings, more grandchildren for the Queen, including the birth of a future king, and end with the highest honour the Queen can bestow upon an American President. However, we begin the ‘Eighties’ in the Vatican City.

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