Money in Wedding Traditions


May is the beginning of what is known as ‘peak wedding season’, which runs until October. Springtime is historically the most popular season for weddings, with wedding venues and vendors being most in-demand.

The presence of money during weddings is a much recognised tradition that takes place in many different cultures and countries. Here, we will be exploring the different monetary rituals that occur at wedding ceremonies across the globe. Read more

Victoria Day

Victoria Day

This year, Victoria Day will be celebrated on the 23rd May. Initially in recognition of Queen Victoria’s birthday, it has since been considered as a celebration for the official birthday of Canada’s sovereign and the beginning of summer season in Canada.

In our latest blog, we will be exploring the history of Victoria Day.

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The Longest Reigning Monarchs Milestone Jubilees Silver Set

Featured as our Product of the Month for May, we have the incredible ‘The Longest Reigning Monarchs Milestone Jubilees 1897 and 2022 Silver Set’. This set brings together the official British silver medal for Queen Victoria’s jubilee with the official British silver 50p coin for Queen Elizabeth’s jubilee.

The year 2022 not only celebrates Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee, which is the first such jubilee in British History, but also the celebration of our second-longest reigning monarch’s Diamond Jubilee; Queen Victoria’s. This jubilee took place in 1897, a celebration for a remarkable sixty years of reign, marking 2022 as the 125th anniversary.

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Six Coinage Portraits of Queen Victoria

Coinage portraits of Queen Victoria

One of Britain’s greatest monarchs, Queen Victoria, commanded the greatest empire the world has ever seen for over 63 years. The gold sovereign has a prestigious reputation around the globe, which was established in the reign of Queen Victoria, and over 25% of the population used coins with Queen Victoria’s portrait. However, despite this, there were minimal coinage portraits of Queen Victoria produced.

In our latest blog, we will be exploring six effigies that appeared on coinage during Queen Victoria’s reign…

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The Royal Jubilees of Queen Victoria

Queen Victoria Jubilees

Having ascended to the throne at only 18 years old on 20 June 1837, Queen Victoria ruled for over 63 years and celebrated her life and reign through a series of Royal Jubilees.

Now, she is Britain’s second-longest reigning monarch, and throughout this blog we will be exploring the two jubilees that she celebrated during her incredible reign.

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The 2022 Queen Victoria 125th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary Gold Sovereign Range

Queen Victoria Diamond Jubilee

This will be an historic year in British royal history. Not only do we celebrate our own Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in honour of her 70 years, but we also mark the 125th Anniversary of the Diamond Jubilee of her great great grandmother, Queen Victoria! Two of the longest reigning monarchs, the impact that both of these women’s reigns have had on British society has been profound. Victoria presided over huge industrial change and expansion of the empire; Elizabeth’s reign has taken us into a whole new era of technological supremacy.

To celebrate these major commemorations for both Queens, a new series of sovereign coins has been produced to commemorate the 60-year diamond jubilee of Queen Victoria’s reign. Introducing The 2022 Queen Victoria 125th Diamond Jubilee Anniversary Gold Sovereign Range, and in particular, the one-eighth sovereign…

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