D-Day 80th Anniversary: Commemorating our Veterans

Dive deeper into the history of D-Day as we mark its 80th anniversary. Learn about the intricate plans, the fierce battles, and the enduring impact of June 6, 1944, on Europe and the world. Click to read more about the events that led to the liberation of Western Europe and how they are remembered today.”

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SSAFA’s Impact on Veterans’ Lives: Tony and Soraya Rhodes

Discover how your purchase from our military range helps transform lives. We proudly donate 10% of net profits to SSAFA, aiding veterans like Tony Rhodes. After a severe stroke changed his life, SSAFA’s intervention provided Tony with essential home adjustments and support, enabling his ongoing recovery and enhancing his family’s wellbeing in the UK. Read more about Tony’s journey and SSAFA’s life-changing impact.

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Commemorating the D-Day 80th Anniversary: The UK’s Tribute to a Historic Triumph

As we commemorate the 80th Anniversary of D-Day, we reflect on one of the most significant events in modern history that changed the course of World War II. This blog will delve into the UK’s celebrations and ceremonies, providing a detailed look at national events and local commemorations.

We will revisit the heroic events of D-Day, honour the veterans who participated, and explore the importance of educating future generations. Join us as we remember the bravery and sacrifices of those who fought and discuss the enduring legacy of this pivotal moment in history.

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The D-Day Anniversary Sovereign That Honours British Bravery

Unveil history with elegance: Introducing the exclusive 2024 D-Day 80th Anniversary Collection from Hattons of London. This range celebrates a pivotal moment in history with unparalleled craftsmanship and a unique legacy, including the D-Day 80th Anniversary 1/8 Sovereign, only available at Hattons.
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