Decimalisation – Mixing Old and New

Decimalisation One-Eighth Sovereign

This year marks the 50th anniversary of decimalisation in Britain, heralding in a new era of coins, and saying goodbye to over a thousand years of iconic designs. In our latest sovereign range, the talented artist Matt Dent has captured the old and the new beautifully. In tribute a tribute to Britain’s decimal fifty pence, these are the world’s first seven-sided sovereigns!

Each sovereign is split down the middle with a pre-decimal design on the left, and the design of a decimal coin complementing it on the right. Here, we take a look at the designs for each coin from the new 2021 50th Anniversary of Decimalisation Gold Sovereign Range.

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The 2021 Diana 60th Birthday Gold Sovereign Range

Diana 60th birthday one-eighth sovereignDiana, Princess of Wales was a cultural icon and an inspiration to many for her humanitarian and charitable work throughout her life. And while she was only part pf the Royal Family for a relatively short time, she quickly forged a valuable and modern role for herself; with the changes she made still being felt today. This year we reflect on Diana’s life, on what would have been her 60th birthday…


The 2021 Diana 60th Birthday Gold Sovereign Range, the first ever to feature Diana, Princess of Wales

To commemorate what would have been the 60th birthday of Princess Diana, the ‘People’s Princess’, a brand-new sovereign range has been minted. Introducing the 2021 Diana 60th Birthday Gold Sovereign Range.

To celebrate the life and legacy of Diana, this sovereign range features the portrait of Diana on the reverse side in a demure pose – one that often belied her inner strength and tenacity. This is the very first time that Diana’s portrait has ever appeared on a gold sovereign, making this particular range a significant one for the sovereign itself.

This new sovereign range has been authorised by Ascension Island, and approved by both the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and Buckingham Palace. The one-eighth is also limited to just 2,999 coins.

You can view the 2021 Diana 60th Birthday Gold Sovereign range here.

Queen Elizabeth II’s 95th Birthday Sovereign Range

2021 Queen’s 95th Birthday 24 Carat Gold One-Eighth Sovereign BannerHer Majesty Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her 95th birthday this year on April 21st, making her Britain’s oldest reigning monarch. This, together with what has been an incredible 69-year reign so far, makes her quite a remarkable presence and one that Britain will rejoice and celebrate in April this year.

In 1947, Queen Elizabeth II married Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, and the couple has four children: Charles, Prince of Wales; Anne, Princess Royal; Prince Andrew, Duke of York; and Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex. In 1953, Elizabeth was crowned and officially recognized as sovereign. Since then, the Queen has served in her role as the Queen of England, and in 2018, she became the first British monarch to reach a Sapphire Jubilee—a celebration to mark 65 years of her reign.

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The Mayflower and Seven Facts You May Not Know

The 2020 Mayflower 400th Anniversary gold Quarter Sovereign Banner
On 16th September 1620, a merchant ship called the Mayflower sailed from England to Plymouth, USA to the ‘New World’. On board the ship were 102 men, women and children; half of which were Pilgrims’ looking for a new life away from religious persecution. After a treacherous journey through storms and high waves, the mayflower finally reached its journeys end after 66 gruelling days.

We’re looking at the history of the vessel, as well as five facts you may not know…

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The 2020 Unknown Warrior 100th Anniversary Gold Sovereign Range

unknown warrior
This year, we mark a very solemn centenary; on the 11th of November it will be the 100th anniversary of the laying to rest of the Unknown Warrior in Westminster Abbey.

The nature and scale of the First World War was unlike anything that had been seen before. Large numbers of soldiers fell in the service of their country and have no known grave. To honour these men, and to ensure their sacrifice would be forever remembered, an unidentified British soldier from the battlefields in France was buried in Westminster Abbey, to represent all those who fell in battle and had no proper burial.

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