Queen Elizabeth II 1971-2021 Decimalisation 50th Anniversary Set

Decimal Coin Set

It has been 50 years since the changeover in Britain to decimal currency. A huge undertaking, that prompted people to collect the pre-decimal coins that Britain was losing. But what about the very first decimal coins?

Our Product of the Month for September brings them all together with a very special addition. Here, we take a closer look at The Queen Elizabeth II 1971-2021 Decimalisation 50th Anniversary Set – Mint State.

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Decimalisation – Mixing Old and New

Decimalisation One-Eighth Sovereign

This year marks the 50th anniversary of decimalisation in Britain, heralding in a new era of coins, and saying goodbye to over a thousand years of iconic designs. In our latest sovereign range, the talented artist Matt Dent has captured the old and the new beautifully. In tribute a tribute to Britain’s decimal fifty pence, these are the world’s first seven-sided sovereigns!

Each sovereign is split down the middle with a pre-decimal design on the left, and the design of a decimal coin complementing it on the right. Here, we take a look at the designs for each coin from the new 2021 50th Anniversary of Decimalisation Gold Sovereign Range.

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The Threepence – Queen Victoria to Decimalisation

Threepence set

The Threepence or “Thruppence” or “Thrupenny Bit”, as it has often been referred to, is one of the most recognisable coins in British coinage. It has a long history, with many different monarch’s portraits adorning its obverse, and numerous different designs to its reverse. Here we specifically take a look at the coin from the reign of Queen Victoria through to it ceasing to become legal tender due to Decimalisation in 1971.

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