How to look after your sovereign collection

You’ve started your sovereign collection and enjoy adding world-first and limited edition coins to your portfolio, such as New Zealand’s first-ever gold quarter sovereign. The journey doesn’t stop there, though: it’s important to know how to take care of your collectables and prevent damage so you can continue to treasure your collection.

You’re in safe hands with us – so read on to find out how to store, touch and enjoy your coins in a way that will keep them in peak condition for generations to come.

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How to start your coin collection

Coin collecting has an inaccessible image as a hobby – people imagine it’s difficult to start, even trickier to maintain, and reserved for people with insider information on the world of ‘numismatics’ (coin collecting).

This perception couldn’t be further from the reality – and perhaps the best part is that there’s a steady flow of new coin announcements and discoveries. In 2019 alone, Hattons of London has released four gold sovereign sets and there are various other coin companies striking collectable coins throughout the year.

There are some occasions where coins may appreciate in value, but for many enthusiasts, the main enjoyment comes from collecting beautiful sovereigns and can be a way to commemorate special events.

Following the below tips will help you navigate the world of your new coin collecting hobby…

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