The 2021 We Will Remember Them Gold Sovereign Range

we will remember them gold sovereign range

On Remembrance Day each year, Britain comes together to honour and remember all those who sacrificed their lives in the defence of our country.

With each passing year, the number of men and women who served on land, sea, and air becomes ever fewer. With this in mind our latest sovereign range does not look at just an individual, or an event, but is instead a tribute to everyone who served in the British Armed Forces during World War Two. We present The 2021 We Will Remember Them Gold Sovereign Range.

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A Short History of the Halfcrown

halfcrownDating back to the reign of Henry VIII, the halfcrown has nearly a five-hundred-year history. It ceased to be legal tender on 1st January 1970 in preparation for “Decimal Day” in Britain, which happened the following year. It was equivalent to one-eighth of a pound, or two shillings and sixpence.

Here, we take a brief look back at the history of one of Britain’s last pre-decimal coins.

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The House of Windsor – George V

As the second son of Edward VII, George was never meant to be king of Britain. However, fate would intervene and this strict disciplinarian and devoted husband, would go from a career in the navy, to becoming a father figure of the nation, leading Britain into the 20th century where the world would rapidly change.

He would also change the name of the British royal family. In our latest blog of “The House of Windsor” series, we take a look at the life of George V.

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Queen Victoria – Greatest Achievements

queen Victoria statue

Britain’s second longest reigning monarch, Queen Victoria, was on the throne for over 63 years, until her death on 22nd January 1901. She was the first British monarch to take up residence in Buckingham Palace, following the strict childhood that she had experienced growing up in Kensington Palace.

In the second blog of our “Greatest Achievements” series, we take a look at some of the achievements that she is most known for.

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