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The Dunkirk Original Coin, Banknote and 65th Anniversary Year Gold Sovereign Heritage Set – Deluxe Edition


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  • Original British £1 banknote – the World War Two emergency issue, introduced the very same year as Dunkirk 1940 (and issued through the war until 1948) in Grade 9
  • Original British silver shilling and bronze penny of 1940 the very year of Dunkirk – the coins that would have been used by the very same servicemen rescued, and their rescuers, the captains and crew of the rescue boats.
  • The banknote and two original coins mean you own a “pound, shilling and pence” of the Dunkirk era
  • British gold sovereign of 2005, the 65th anniversary of Dunkirk, with a one-year-only version of St George that may have been a ‘silent commemoration’ of this anniversary, in PROOF quality
  • Limited to a maximum of 80 sets
  • Each set with numbered plaque and matching numbered Certificate of Authenticity
  • Informative illustrated booklet about the remarkable story of Dunkirk

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The pound is the emergency wartime £1 banknote introduced in Britain in 1940, the very same year as Dunkirk.

This is the ONLY British £1 note in the distinctive blue and pink colour scheme. Why? Until 1940 the British pound note had been a green coloured banknote, but the British found out the Germans were forging a huge quantity of them which they planned to drop from planes over Britain, meaning confidence in the currency would evaporate and cause chaos. Within just a few weeks of finding out about this, the Bank of England removed all the old green notes from circulation and replaced them with these distinctive blue and pink ones making the German forgeries USELESS!

The note in this set is in near mint condition.


The two heritage coins in this set are both of 1940, the very same year as Dunkirk! The coins are a silver shilling and bronze penny. When you add these to the £1 note above it means this set includes a ‘pound shilling and pence’  which are all originals of the era of Dunkirk.

This is the money that would have been used by those 338,000 servicemen rescued from the beaches of Dunkirk, and by the captains and crew of all the Royal navy ships and the private vessels that sailed across the Channel and helped create the ‘miracle of Dunkirk’.

The coins are all selected circulated coins.


In the 65th Anniversary year (2005) Britain released a gold sovereign with a one-year-only design of St George and the dragon. This motif is often used to celebrate the triumph of good over evil – a fitting design therefore to use to mark an important anniversary of Dunkirk. Britain did not issue any other coins in that year for the anniversary of Dunkirk so this one-year-only sovereign design may have been a ‘silent commemoration’ of Dunkirk.

This set includes one of these sovereigns in PROOF quality


This edition is limited to just 80 sets and each one has a numbered plaque and matching numbered certificate of authenticity from Hattons of London.

Additional information


This set includes a 1940 Silver Shilling, 1940 Bronze Penny, 2005 PROOF sovereign and an emergency wartime £1 banknote

Mintage limitation

Edition limit of only 80 sets


1940 Silver Shilling: 23.6mm. 1940 Bronze Penny: 31mm. 2005 Sovereign: 22mm

Accompanied by

Each set comes with a numbered plaque, matching numbered Certificate of Authenticity and an informative illustrated booklet about the remarkable story of Dunkirk

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