The Timeless Tradition of King Charles Maundy Money 2024

Maundy money, a centuries-old tradition, involves the monarch giving specially minted coins to elderly people in a ceremony inspired by Jesus Christ’s commandment of love and service. This blog delves into the rich history of Maundy money, tracing its origins back to the reign of Charles II, and explores its enduring significance in today’s Royal Maundy ceremony. Discover how King Charles III continued this noble tradition in 2024, the special tribute gold Maundy set designed for his coronation year, and the heartfelt message from the King himself.

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Princess Diana’s Birthday 2024: Honouring the People’s Princess

As we approach Princess Diana’s birthday in 2024, delve into the life and legacy of the People’s Princess. Discover key moments from her early years, her influential humanitarian work, and details about her final resting place at Althorp Estate. Learn how you can visit and pay tribute to Diana this summer. Explore her impact on the world, from changing perceptions about HIV/AIDS to advocating for landmine victims.

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NGC Coin Grading: A Comprehensive Guide by Hattons of London

At Hattons of London, we specialise in rare and exclusive coins, including gold sovereigns and NGC graded coins. Understanding the importance of NGC coin grading can significantly enhance your collection. This comprehensive guide delves into the history, grading process, benefits, and impact of NGC grading on the coin market, offering insights that every collector and enthusiast should know.

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