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The 2019 Heroes of D-Day 75th Anniversary Gold Definitive Sovereign Proof Set
The 2019 Heroes of D-Day 75th Anniversary Gold Definitive Sovereign Proof Set

This beautiful set commemorated the 75th Anniversary of D-Day with an innovative gold sovereign coin, the first ever to be produced with a contoured edge. Struck to Proof quality, the highest collector quality and in 22 carat gold. This set comprised of a quarter, half, full, double and five sovereign.

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    • Only issued for one year
    • ‘I’ mintmark on the reverse
    • The wartime emergency coin
    • The spirit of St George is what carried Britain through to VE-Day. This sovereign features the classical depiction of St George slaying the dragon and was minted in the last year of WWI
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    • Original British £1 banknote – the World War Two emergency issue, introduced the very same year as Dunkirk 1940 (and issued through the war until 1948) in Grade 5
    • Original British silver shilling and bronze penny of 1940 the very year of Dunkirk – the coins that would have been used by the very same servicemen rescued, and their rescuers, the captains and crew of the rescue boats.
    • The banknote and two original coins mean you own a “pound, shilling and pence” of the Dunkirk era
    • British gold sovereign of 2005, the 65th anniversary of Dunkirk, with a one-year-only version of St George that may have been a ‘silent commemoration’ of this anniversary, in BRILLIANT UNCIRCULATED quality
    • Limited to a maximum of 100 sets
    • Each set with numbered plaque and matching numbered Certificate of Authenticity
    • Informative illustrated booklet about the remarkable story of Dunkirk


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    • An original gold sovereign of 1920, the very year that the Unknown Warrior was laid to rest in Westminster Abbey
    • The sovereign design of St George slaying the dragon has added significance when talking about victory in the face of overwhelming odds
    • Also in this set is the brand new 2020 British £5 face-value ‘crown’ coin with the ‘War and Peace’ design where those two words are presented to form a ‘memorial cross’ in tribute to all those who fell in war
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    • Limited to only 2,999
    • Exclusive to Hattons of London
    • Individually numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity
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